West Linn Timber Wood Landscape Steps

Garden Steps / Stairways

On sloping ground, garden steps become an inviting pathway to a new vista. On a more practical level, steps make it easier to get around on a hilly hard.

Outdoor stairways typically come in a few different varieties: Pressure treated timbers make good garden stairways that are relatively cheap and easy to install. However, over many years, the wood is still susceptible to decay. Because of this, brick, concrete stone, and natural rock steps can provide a lifetime-lasting alternative, despite the higher materials cost.

Like steps around a deck or house, garden steps should be consistent in riser height and tread depth. Where the terrain slopes gradually, you may want each step separated by several feet of walkway. Steep slopes, however, require a flight of steps. Where the grade changes from a gradual slope to a steep one, you may decide on a combination approach, with a landing or other clear transition that separates the two areas.

Whatever you decide, we can help you install the outdoor stairway that will become a stylish addition to your garden. Remember to take a look at Six Essentials of Step Design for tips and advice.

Natural Landscape and Irrigation is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and specializes in outdoor steps installations in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area including Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


Concrete stone stairway in Tigard

Natural flat stone garden stairway - Beaverton

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