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What are water features?

Living in Oregon, we are fortunate to be surrounded by beauty in nature’s landscapes. We have many state parks dedicated to the many natural waterfalls the state has to offer. With the addition of water features to your home, you are able to bring the serene sounds of a water paradise to your front or backyard. They are a great way to reduce stress and no yard is too small to incorporate one. With many years of experience in oriental gardening and building water features, we can help bring you the pond, waterfall, or fountain that you have always dreamed about. With the addition of landscape lighting to your design, you can also enjoy your water features in the evening.

Before planning a pond, it is important to consider the desired size, depth, and placement. Many people would like a pond close to their home, this way, it is able to be enjoyed year round and can be viewed not only from the yard but also from inside the house. It is important to keep in mind that if a pond is built near near trees, falling leaves, needles, and can be quick to contaminate the pond water. It is also important to consider how much sunlight an area will receive and choose plants and fish that will thrive accordingly in the environment.
A mistake often made is building a pond that is too small; a larger pond is actually more stable and easier to maintain. Keep in mind that a finished pond will be about 30% smaller than you visualize it. Ponds that are too shallow (less than 1.5’ deep) are oftentimes hard to stabilize. Water usually need a depth of at least 2’ and koi ponds will need to be even larger and deeper. The pond with the best environment for a diversity of fish and plants will have varied depths.

Before taking time to plan a waterfall, it is important to look to nature for inspiration. Notice at the top of the falls is an area called the water basin where water spills over and around the rocks. Look also at the terrain at the top and surround the fall. Waterfalls will add motion and sound, bring a unique variety to any landscape, A waterfall can often bring with it a certain emotion—calming vs. exciting, restful vs. energizing. Finally, a waterfall can provide an alternative to areas with steep slopes, rocky terrain or deep shading—areas that would be otherwise difficult to landscape. Forceful waterfalls can also help crowd out provide a solution to places with loud traffic noise. 

For people that desire a subtle addition of moving water, the visual treat of an elegant fountain can be the answer. Fountains are often very attractive to birds and butterflies and are a creative water feature that will let admirers enjoy a natural looking, never-ending stream of water. They can often act as an inviting welcome to anybody’s front or back door, surrounded by colorful foliate and blue sky that is reflected in the water.

Choosing and planning for a water feature is similar to choosing a home; it has to match your personality, what you expect from your personal landscape, and how you would like to spend your time. We are here to help!

Natural Landscape and Irrigation is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and specializes in water features including ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area including Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us for more details.



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