Tigard Home with Xeriscape to conserve water

Xeriscaping to save water

Water can be a big expense when it comes to maintaining a landscape looking beautiful. Especially in the dry summers, water-smart gardening techniques such as xeriscaping and zero-scaping can make a big difference in the water bill (xeros- is derived from a greek word meaning dry). In August 2006, Oregon State University released a very informative publication outlining these techniques: An Introduction to Xeriscaping in the High Desert.

There are 7 principles of Xeriscaping

  • 1. Planning and Design - Carefully plan your design while considering water availability, sunlight, soil climate, et cetera
  • 2. Zoning Plants - Place plants with same requirements for water, soil and sunlight together (hydrozoning)
  • 3. Soil - Learn what type of soil you are working with and make amendments when necessary
  • 4. Efficient Irrigation - Automatic and smart irrigation controllers, especially combined with drip irrigation, will save a lot of water
  • 5. Turf and turf alternatives - Look for low water types and confine installing lawn to large, flat areas.
  • 6. Mulching - Use mulch as top dressing for all trees, shrubs, and flowers to minimize weeds and reduce evaporation
  • 7. Maintenance - A proper xeriscape will require less maintenance and is more resistant against drought and diseases

Whatever you decide, we are there to help!

Natural Landscape and Irrigation is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and specializes in xeriscaping in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area including Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


Drip irrigation brings water directly to plants

Using rocks as dry creek for water-smart landscaping


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