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Sustainable and organic landscaping practices

Having been residents of the Pacific Northwest for many years, we know full well how environmentally conscious Oregonians are. Because of this, we always strive to stay green and utilize sustainable landscaping practices. We are truly commited to the safety of your family, pets, and environment.

  • We use only organic lawn, tree, shrub fertilizers including quality recycled, mulch, bark dust, and planting soil.
  • We encourage the use of weather-dependent irrigation controllers in order to conserve water.
  • All plastic, wood, metal, concrete, and yard debris from the job site is recycled.
  • We promote leaving lawn clippings under certain conditions in order to reduce the need for fertilizer.
  • Many of our landscape lighting installations use bright, yet efficient LED-lighting that conserves electricity.
  • We actively encourage the use or environmentally safe weeding techniques such as hand-weeding and landscaping fabric when necessary for certain landscaping installations.


Natural Landscape and Irrigation is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and actively implements green and sustainable landscaping practices in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area. Please feel free to contact us for more details

Our responsiblity to keep the earth sustainable

Dedicated to eco friendly gardening practices


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