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Landscaping Tips : Pond Design

Tips for Effective Pond Design

If you don’t have a natural spring or stream running through your property, a pond can nonetheless be yours relatively simply. All you have to do is dig a hole, add a liner, then add water. At your garden store, you’ll discover pumps that not only re-circulate water but also filter it. With the right equipment, you can avoid some or a lot of regular maintenance. Of course you’ll likely need to skim leaves in the fall and occasionally thin water plants that may grow too densely. And fish, if you have them, will need to be taken inside during the winter or kept warm with a submersible heater.

These minor chores are a small price to pay for the addition of a pond. However, be sure to think through all contingencies, and consult with professionals before you install one. A pond is not only a habitat for the plants and animals you want to see there, it’s also one for those you don’t. Deer, geese and any number of wild animals in the area may be as attracted to the pond as you are. Ponds can also create environments for weeds, and you don’t want to see your pond turn into a swamp.




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Patio backyard with waterfall, pond, and maple


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