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Pond Maintenance

While today’s bio-filters eliminate the need for adding chemicals and can make pond water virtually maintenance-free, you’ll need to consider the following.

If you have fish how will you feed them?

This won’t be an issue if you set up a balanced pond ecosystem with plants.

What will you do with fish in the winter?

They’ll need to be brought inside and established in an indoor aquarium, or else your pond will need to be heated with a submersible heater.

Will you shut down your pond in winter months?

If water is left in the pipes, they can freeze and crack, so you should have them dried with a sort of large hair dryer. Though you can do this yourself, often it is a job for a professional.

Do you have trees that will shed leaves and flowers onto your pond?

Ponds are best suited away from deciduous trees. Tannins from leaves can deplete the water’s oxygen level, while roots can damage liners, especially rubber ones. If tree roots are unavoidable, try a partially raised pond. In the fall, a net can also be used to catch leaves.


How will unwanted plants and animals respond to your pond?

Again, talk to a garden or landscape expert to find out if migrating geese will descend upon your pond, or if it could suddenly sprout exotic flora you hadn’t planned on.







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