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Here in the "green" climate of the Pacific Northwest, having a beautiful, luscious, healthy lawn is every homeowner's dream when it comes to their landscape. Whether you are planning to have a lawn replaced in your backyard or frontyard, or even have a whole new lawn installed altogether, Natural Landscape and Irrigation is here to help! We have many years of expereience in the lawn care business and have served many customers of the Tualatin and Greater Portland Area with utmost effort and care.

When it comes to a new lawn, customers have a few different options: whether to seed or lay sod. This article will describe the advantages and disadvantages to both methods and will give you a better understanding of your investment: Seed vs. Sod Lawn Installation

Here is a general outline of steps that we would take while seeding a new lawn:

  • Use a sod cutter to remove any existing dead or worn out lawn
  • Figure out how much topsoil is needed (typically ~3")
  • Ground is rototilled and starting fertilizer/lime is incorporated
  • Choose the appropriate variety of turf seed depending on climate, season, and the landscape's particular qualites
  • Compost is added to the mix in order to protect the seeds and retain moisture
  • Specific watering instructions are provided to the customer
  • Wait patiently to enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own lawn!

Other customers will often elect to have lawn sod installed in their landscape instead. The general basic principles of soil preparation apply in this case. The sod that we use is very high quality grass cultivated from local farmers that is typically cut one day and installed the very next day.

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Sod Pallet Lawn Installation - Tualatin, Oregon

In order to protect the expensive (but worthwhile) investment of a new lawn installation, it is oftentimes necessary to also couple it with other services other services that we offer. A working irrigation system and lawn maintenance program are important additions to any beautiful lawn:


Natural Landscape and Irrigation specializes in new lawn installation in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area including West Linn, Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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