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Beaverton Lawn Installation

We at Natural Landscape and Irrigation have had many years of experience in bringing customer satisfaction when it comes to installing landscapes, and especially installing lawns for those residents within the Beaverton Area.

When it comes to lawn installation, there are two choices to consider, whether to lay a new sod lawn or to install a seed lawn. Take a look at this article to understand more about the pros and cons of each: Seed vs. Sod Lawn Installation

Sod is an instant transformation that can increase curb appeal by providing a weed-free lawn that reduces soil erosion, provides natural air-conditioning (sod lawns can be up to 30 degrees cooler than asphalt) and a generally wonderful space for relaxing and entertainment. Seed lawns are a less expensive alternative that can provide the same benefits as sod; however, they will require more careful maintenance during the installation phases to ensure the same quality of product.

Natural Landscape and Irrigation undergoes a thorough process to assure the success of each installation, which is very similar for both types of installation:

  • Sample the soil in order to determine the necessary mix of fertilizer to supplement the soil
  • Weed and rototill the entire area
  • Area is raked and prepared to smooth surface and to remove soil of excess rock and debris
  • Custom fertilizer is then applied
  • The sod or seed is applied to the area
  • With seed installation, specific compost may be added in order to protect the seeds and retain moisture
  • Specific watering instructions will be provided in order to insure the proper growth and development of the grass
  • Periodic fertilization is recommended in order to replenish the soil of necessary nutrients
  • Wait patiently and enjoy the development of your new, beautiful lawn!

Beaverton Sod backyard lawn install beforeBeaverton Sod backyard lawn install after

In order to protect your investment of your new lawn, a functional sprinkler system and lawn care program can be very worthwhile options to consider. Feel free to check out the other lawn services we offer to residents in Beaverton, Oregon as well:

Natural Landscape and Irrigation specializes in new lawn installation in Beaverton, Oregon and the rest of Greater Portland Metropolitan Area including West Linn, Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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